Ausiello’s Bar & Grill Santa Rosa

Take Out And Delivery Cocktails

Armands Bloody Mary Mix

Armands Spicy Bloody Mary With Tito’s Vodka • $18

Pint Jar Of Armands Secret Bloody Mary Mix, 4oz Titos Vodka, Side Of Olives And Pepperoncinis (Plastic Cup For Vodka)

Barrel Aged Manhattan 5oz • $12

Barrel Aged Manhattan

Jack Daniel’s Rye Whiskey Sweet & Dry Vermouth,
Dash Of Regan’s & Angustora Bitters
Delivered In A Plastic Cup

Barrel Aged Negroni 5oz • $12

Negroni Cocktail Santa Rosa

Fords Gin – Compari – Carpano Sweet Vermouth
Delivered In A Plastic Cup

Tito’s Moscow Mule • $14

Tito's Mule

Cock n Bull, Lime, 4oz Titos Vodka
Delivered In Plastic A Cup

KOOPED UP • $17.50

4oz Titos Vodka, 2oz Elderberry Syrup, 1/2 Lemon Squeezed
Delivered In A Plastic Cup

Smoked Out Mezcal Margarita • $18

Margarita Santa Rosa

3oz Agave DeCortez Mezcal Tequila, 2oz St. George Gin,
1/2 Lime, 2oz Pineapple, 1oz Simple Syrup, 3-5 Bitters
Delivered In Plastic A Cup

Kettle Greyhound • $12

Kettle One Grehound Ausiellos

4oz Kettle One Vodka, Grapefruit Squeezed
Delivered In Plastic A Cup



Delivery Beers Ausiellos

Cooperage Keg Slayer IPA
Barrel Brothers – Haze Wizz
Barrel Brothers – Brother Maker Double IPA
HenHouse – IPA


Hard Cider Ausiellos

Golden State Cider
Mighty Dry


White Claw Hard Seltzer Ausiellos

White Claw Hard Seltzer
Black Cherry