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Always lively with the roar of Bay Area sports’ fans and Bloody Mary connoisseurs alike, we welcome you to come as you are. We pride ourselves on being your neighborhood Bar and Grill, whether one desires a charbroiled bite to eat, an ice cold beer to sip, or a risible story about the way things were and the way things ought to be from our dad, Armand Ausiello. He’ll tell you himself that the worst thing about Ausiello’s is “that it’s open to the public!” because when you’re here, you’re family!

It all began in 1981. A true “fake it til you make it” success story, at only 23, Armand was offered the opportunity of taking over a run down bar in Belmont, CA. Dad recalls that he originally didn’t intend to create a sports bar, but rather, a friendly neighborhood tavern where he hung sports photos up on the walls to cover the holes. Taking on this venture, he didn’t realize he was opening up his opportunity to meet the love of his life, Debbie O’Dea, who would walk right into that very bar just months later. A match made in heaven, Dad recalls, he was “dead where he stood,” and together they built Ausiello’s Tavern into a success story for over 18 years.

When mom and dad moved to Sonoma County in 1998, they knew immediately that Santa Rosa needed a spot where people could come to get a good burger and cheer for their favorite team. He and Debbie, along with us, the next generation: Leeanna and Matt Kane, Mario and Casey Ausiello; together we have built Ausiello’s 5th Street Grill from the ground up to become a staple of Santa Rosa’s downtown.

Having accumulated over 35 years of personally collected sports’ memorabilia, from his impressive collection of bobbleheads to the 1950’s newspaper clippings, what Armand has accumulated over the years covers every square inch of Ausiello’s Sports Bar and Grill. Each piece thoughtfully and artfully strewn throughout, even the flat screen TV’s have their own “Armand-made” wooden frame- because, as dad says: “ with 20+ TVs, we don’t want it to look like Bestbuy in here.” The collectables at Ausiello’s come alive as Armand spans the room, each conjuring a story even the famous condiment bar, which Armand demands was a stand against having to build everyone’s burger himself.

A true testament to family owned and operated, Ausiello’s 5th Street Sports Bar and Grill was established in 2000, and has been a community icon ever since. From our do-it-yourself condiment bar to the charm of our father’s denial to play a Dodger game, our regulars know that when they’re here, they’re family, and we’re sure you’ll feel it too. Welcome to Ausiello’s, we’ve got a cold one waiting for you! Cheers!

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